1st Month Down Q & A Warmup

Hey There!


It has officially been a month since the start up of this blog and firstly, I want to personally thank every follower who has come across this blog! So literally thankyou to Alexandrina, Cristian Mihai, LittleFears, Simplisticinsights, MyMexico, M. Talmage Moorehead, Ira, memyselfandamelia, Zoe Bear, musicgirl19, Claire Saul, Mohamad Al Karbi, emmanueljacobsblog, blossomkitty, criticaldispatches, DirtySciFiBuddha, Matthew Tonks, Candance N. Bisram and lovemissrose! I’m glad that I have some regulars reading my wildly changing blog!

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5 Ways to Stay Alive

Hey There!


So here I sit sleepless at almost 3am writing helpful tippy stuff. Not the best choice on a school night but I haven’t posted in ages. I’m so lazy.

Staying alive seems to be getting harder and harder nowadays. There’s commitments, jobs, school, university – life generally in the way to actually having a life.  You feel like there’s just no end to juggling all these things. I know what that kind of life is and knowing it gets just a little bit worse as I grow older, just plain annoys me to hell.

So here’s 5 ways to stay alive regardless of life constantly being in the way!

{ ~ } 1   Do the Little Things

We often get caught up in multiple things a lot, but setting aside the littlest of time for your little things is so worth it in the end. A reprise from your usual daily – dos.

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A Spark of Dark Creativity

Hey there!


I decided to also get back into my creative writing (narratives, poetry and whatnot) because it’s been a while! (and very clearly) So using 3 key words as a prompt, society, seeds, self – destruction – the 3 S’s –  I created a mini story which I’d like to share on here with you guys! As hinted in the title and key words, it is slightly dark so prepare. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it down below in the comments! Even if you’d like to hear more of my writing, comment your own 3 key words or give tips – let me know!

So here goes;

I am the words I write.

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Pick Me Up Thursdays


Hey there!

We all know how draining a typical week is and for majority of the people, whether it be the adult working class or the teenage high schoolers, we all struggle to get to the end of the week. To the blissful end until it starts all over, again. So, need that little extra ” pick me up” just to get through to the weekend? Look no further, apart from further down the post, as Pick Me Up Thursdays have officially arrived!

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