Art-spiration #8

Art-spiration has hit the 2 month milestone!!! It seems such an eon ago but here we are, 8 posts later and 8 different artists later! Now enough of patting myself on the back and back to business. The eighth artist of the week is quite into sketching hyperrealism, beautiful, vivid characters from his project 'Swordplay" … Continue reading Art-spiration #8

Downcast 10%: Thoughts of a Rainy Day

It's currently 10am and I am waken up by the sheer ferocity of the rain pelting my roof as if into submission. It sure sounds like it but yet I stay in my comfortable and very warm bed trying to grasp the dream I just had. It was about horse riding which I haven't done … Continue reading Downcast 10%: Thoughts of a Rainy Day