Decluttering The Negatives

Stress. One word yet it opens the doors wide to sleepless nights, harmful mindsets and crazed and misjudged actions. One word yet it creates bountiful negativities and hardly any room for the positives. We all have it and in recent times more and more of the population that bears it seems to be teenagers. The … Continue reading Decluttering The Negatives


A Swim & A Trip

Today was a whirlwind. While the first half was more on the "family outing" side of the spectrum, the second half not so much but fun all the same. And, deviating from the post subject a little - the blog has changed! Well layout I suppose and I even dedicated a quote to it. I … Continue reading A Swim & A Trip

Standing Your Ground

Say hello to my entangled thoughts, they get messy, they can also get sorted out straight. The other day, speaking about Wednesday the 19th of April, I was visiting relatives from Queensland. Whom I don't see very much because of the state living difference. During that time, me and my family went down to explore … Continue reading Standing Your Ground