Say hello to my entangled thoughts, they get messy, they can also get sorted out straight. The other day, speaking about Wednesday the 19th of April, I was visiting relatives from Queensland. Whom I don’t see very much because of the state living difference. During that time, me and my family went down to explore Hahndorf. The very German town of many German towns found in South Aussie.

We were pretty tired and were walking back to the car when this mural caught my eye. I literally stopped contemplating this, though luckily the car was pretty close by so I wasn’t going to be left behind! I quickly got a picture before hopping in the car to leave.

I mulled over this quote for quite some time. It’s not something that I’d immediately put my attention to without some prompting. I don’t consider myself religious, believing that the creation of all life was by the will of God. Neither do I believe the theory of Evolution – human beings coming from apes and chimpanzees. Though I reason through scientific fact and logic. Yet I don’t believe or agree with it all. I contradict myself and I realised do I truly stand for something?

I know myself well enough to stand for particular values in life, to stand for particular truths though I am well aware they may not be true or other people’s truth. I believe those things count as standing for something and as long as you stand for something you’re doing it right, right? You may think so and you may doubt yourself but it truly depends. I believe that as long that you do stand for something, something that you believe in as true and strong as your capacity for it. You are standing. Standing for the good for yourself and for others.

So with my compiled thoughts, I’ve compiled a little list of somethings you can stand or are standing for if you doubt you don’t have anything.

{ ~ } Family

  • Family is always there. Whether or not it’s your preference they will be the constant in your life. Stand for them. They may not be able to and sometimes you may not be able to yourself. That’s okay. You don’t have to stand all the time. Help them stand too. That’s okay too.

{ ~ } Friends

  • Friends can be as close as family, be family even.  Stand for them in the tough times. Stand for them in the good times. Stand for them in the in between. They will stand for you too. You can sit together too, that’s quite fun when the standing is done.

{ ~ } Values

  • No one can take away what you value so stand for it. Stand tall. Give it all you can and even when you doubt yourself, you can even do a bent over, wobbly knee stand. As long as you stand, as you believe, you’ll be okay.

{ ~ } Beliefs

  • Whether it’s Christian Belief, Jewish, Hindu, nothing – any belief. It’s your belief and that’s your choice not someone else’s. So believe all you want and can. Stand for it proudly.

{ ~ } Truths

  • Everyone’s truth is different. Some can have similarities but no one is you. Stand for yours, don’t let people change it. Don’t let seeds of doubt take root inside you. Stand confidently.

“If you don’t stand for something… You’ll fall for anything.”

Hope you enjoyed these little positive ramblings of mine and I hope I’ve inspired you if for any lack of experiencing inspiration tonight/today.

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Much love to you all,




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