Stress. One word yet it opens the doors wide to sleepless nights, harmful mindsets and crazed and misjudged actions. One word yet it creates bountiful negativities and hardly any room for the positives. We all have it and in recent times more and more of the population that bears it seems to be teenagers. The ever changing “for better” school systems are majorly at fault – unloading more strenuous work where at least majority of the school’s student body will have a development of anxiety/stress, severe or otherwise. But we all know that. We are them.

So what the hell can we do to stay sane yet still pass? Even when we’re at the point of not giving a single shit about anything?

Here I have little reminders of  decluttering the negatives that could keep you sane in a tough -I-wanna-murder-somebody-right-now-stress situation. Or any stress situation.

{ ~ } Breathe. Cool the jets a little.

{ ~ } Surround yourself with people that calm you down or happy.

{ ~ } Remind yourself of memories that make you calm or happy.

{ ~ } Smile. Tight lipped, teeth clenched or even fake as all hell. Smile.

{ ~ } Smile anyway you gorgeous thing.

{ ~ } Get some fresh air.

{ ~ } Write it out. Even if it’s just to get out the stuff you’d regret saying and then ripping it up. Go all out.

{ ~ } Breathe again. Deeply.

{ ~ } Talk it out. You might just need a heart to heart dealio.

{ ~ } Do your hobbies, do what you love.

{ ~ } Cuddle your pets. They love attention.

{ ~ } Take the situation in small measures. Even if that means going through each moment to get to the next.

{ ~ } Breathe.

{ ~ } Have a glass of water or a snack to nibble on. It can calm the nerves.

{ ~ } Fidget with something small. A cloth, button, twirling a pencil.

{ ~ } Have faith that stressful situations aren’t always going to be a constant.

{ ~ } Ask for help. Don’t be afraid for it. It’s okay.

{ ~ } Take that assignment, essay, project, presentation – whatever at small measures. Get through that sentence, that paragraph, that halfway mark.

{ ~ } Socialise. Go out and have some fun.

{ ~ } SLEEP. I can’t stress this one enough. Even if need be for 12 hours. Maintain that healthy, beauty sleep to function.

{ ~ } Put yourself first. You can treat yourself, it’s not a crime.

{ ~ }  BREATHE.

{ ~ } Laugh at the stupid things.

{ ~ } You CAN be emotional. It’s a fundamental of one’s existence. Don’t bottle it up.

{ ~ } Set aside time for work and yourself. Balance is key.

{ ~ } Be active. In the physical, creative or mental sense. Or the entire trio.

{ ~ } Relax a little. Slow down that fast pace car crash course you got going on there.

{ ~ } Fake it til you make it.

If you ever want to have a little chat or just share some thoughts – send me an email on my contact page or comment down below. I’ll be right on top of it. You guys are awesome and gorgeous – keep that head held up high and that smile on your face! Have a lovely morning, afternoon or evening!

Wanna stay in contact or silently follow each other? You can find me here.


Much love to you all,




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