So after being absolutely obsessed with the Tv show on Netflix, that I binged watched, I came across a blog post that intrigued me by the uniqueness of the idea by terrymcnude A.K.A Virtual Vomit. The absolute opposite of what the show spread awareness of but so brilliant at the same time. The 13 Reasons Why I’m Happy Challenge. Now I’m still a very green bean to the blogging world (I’ll probably stop coining this after a month or so) so I don’t have very many people to nominate.

But I found this challenge extremely fun and to share, so to the people I nominate at the bottom of the post, I hope you enjoy the challenge too!

{ ~ } 1

My lovely, adorable and stupidly quirky pets. I love animals more than I love most of the human race. My cat is an absolute dork, my greyhound I swear, is the biggest softie around, my chickens hilariously stupid and cuddly, my Guinea pig timidly cute and my goldfish somehow still alive.

{ ~ } 2

The Recreate store. It’s seriously become one of my most favourite shops of all time. I love, love, love what I find on my little hauls from there!

{ ~ } 3

Family, family friends and best friends. They’re all amazing even through our rough patches. Though at the time I wouldn’t say I’d agree with myself there!

{ ~ } 4

My goofball of a boyfriend. I’m amazed at his capacity of patience with me and his very high tolerance. It’s quite impressive with my antics and constantly annoying the absolute will to live out of him.

{ ~ } 5

Autumn. Not only is it the perfect blend of cold and warm, it’s my birth season, the time for onsies, campfires, marshmallows on sticks and lovely, thick quilts and blankets!

{ ~ } 6

Marvel. Oh how I love you. I haven’t seen all the movies yet but my collection steadily grows as each year passes and so does my capacity of loving all the movies!

{ ~ } 7

DC Comics. That’s right I’m not just a Marvel girl. I love DC’s Tv shows better than Marvel’s and boy are they amazing. I’m slowly getting through The Flash at the moment  and will soon move onto Arrow and Supergirl!

{ ~ } 8

Disney. Just everything. I love EVERYTHING. Enough said.

{ ~ } 9

CHOCOLATE is pretty much the core of my existence. The sustenance of a teenage Gian. How to make a lasting first impression? Chocolate and we’re best friends just like that.

{ ~ } 10

Blogging. How quickly this is growing on me must be ridiculous, I’m bombarding you guys with two posts a day sometimes!

{ ~ } 11

 ART. Though I’ve had a long break from it (since Inktober, 2016) I have gotten back into it with some help and loving it. I can’t wait to see what’s coming in the rest of 2017.

{ ~ } 12

READING. I’m a big time, major book worm. I’ve practically read all of my school library and my local town’s library. And at least now, read all my own books 7 times through and I’m not even exaggerating. It’s probably more.

{ ~ } 13

COFFEE & SLEEPING. Majorly contrast each other. The complete opposite ends of the spectrum but I honestly love both and make me feel alive – ish and so content and very, very warm.

So there are my 13 Reasons Why. I now nominate Alexandrina, Joyous Alysha, Thoughts in Life, Simplisticinsights and Little Fears to join in on the challenge!

Thankyou to terrymcnude for the idea!

Have a lovely morning, afternoon or evening!


Wanna stay in contact or silently follow each other? Find me here.


Much love to you all,




5 thoughts on “Th1rteen R3asons Why I’m Happy Challenge

  1. Hi Gian,
    Just found you through the promote page…. I have just written a blog prompted by 13 Reasons Why, too. I wanted to say, I love this idea. It’s beautiful and a lovely way to respond to the content of the show. You must be a pretty balanced 16 year old. My blog is slightly darker, but if you’re interested….

    Liked by 1 person

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