Hey there!

We all know how draining a typical week is and for majority of the people, whether it be the adult working class or the teenage high schoolers, we all struggle to get to the end of the week. To the blissful end until it starts all over, again. So, need that little extra ”Β pick me up” just to get through to the weekend? Look no further, apart from further down the post, as Pick Me Up Thursdays have officially arrived!

A motivational quote searched from the depths of the internet and my countless inspirational and motivational books from home, will be the feature of these posts! As of now, this is will be posted weekly at hopefully no later than 8pm @Australia/Adelaide +09:30 time zone – time! So if you are the uninspired, gorgeous person you are and only thinking; Shit it’s only Thursday. I thought it was Friday. Then head on over to these posts that will hopefully inspire you, motivate you and get your head back for just one more day! They are dedicated to you!

Now quickly, for the people who’s week doesn’t finish on a Friday and more like a Monday or Tuesday or any other day, let me know in the comments. As there will be a second variety dedicated to you guys known as It’ll Be Okay Dadada (majority day mention in comments will replace the Dadadas) and will also be posted on that day weekly, at no later than 8pm @Australia/Adeliade+9.30 time zone – time! So, for the Oh my shitness, it’s only dadada. Head over to these posts you gorgeous people and motivate your heads for one more day!

Hope these work out well for everyone and you guys aspire to inspire motivation! Have a lovely morning, afternoon or evening!

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Much love to you all,




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