I decided to also get back into my creative writing (narratives, poetry and whatnot) because it’s been a while! (and very clearly) So using 3 key words as a prompt, society, seeds, self – destruction – the 3 S’s –  I created a mini story which I’d like to share on here with you guys! As hinted in the title and key words, it is slightly dark so prepare. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it down below in the comments! Even if you’d like to hear more of my writing, comment your own 3 key words or give tips – let me know!

So here goes;

I am the words I write.

Comical, blamed, ignored, rejected, alone, diminished, dull, alienated. Dead.

Seeds of invalidation, self-hate, doubt and corruption were planted deeply inside of me, becoming somewhat like a collective, common trait. We craved self-destruction, even if it meant it started where we thought our insecurities and fears were a separate garden. Our minds.  

And here I sit in the epitome of our destruction. My destruction. Poisoned by fictitious values, ideals and social judgement, my body became the canvas that bears the pretty words you said, painted by a sharp, silver brush. And what a pretty picture it made on my miles of skin, more blotched with bursts of dark hues and red then skin itself.

It must be possible to find another way to a better garden. One of promises, validation, acceptance and morality that become somewhat, of a better society. For once to crave something more than undoing ourselves. Our minds. Where do I find it? Why am I so lost in an ocean of people lost within themselves? Why didn’t I find it more importantly? Was it hidden in the depths that are unreachable to us? Or was it an illusion in the first place?

The seeds never stopped growing. And then it became too late. Overgrown, my body still lays frigid by my bedroom window, my eyes still glazed over and my heart still stationary. My pretty pictures etched and painted onto my canvas remain to be the living remnants of who I was. My last breath still stirring the dust around me in the sunlight that shone like golden blood. The gardens now overgrown and long dead.

So that’s it, thankyou for the read! Stick around for the next Pick Me Up Thursday coming literally right after this post. Have a lovely morning, afternoon or evening!

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Much love to you all,




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