When you can’t find a recent and decent photo of you (4 – 6 month old photo!)

The Little Meilenium officially has a Instagram blog account! I decided it was time to reach out to you guys more and become more involved with you! So I now present to you the.little.meilenium Instagram where you’ll find blog updates, Q & A’s that will feature later on the blog, behind the scenes and much more! Check it out now, I can’t wait to see where this unfolds!

Have a lovely morning, afternoon or evening!


Wanna stay in contact or silently follow each other? Find me here (TLM) and here (M).

*** TLM stands for The Little Meilenium and M stands for Meilenium, my blog and personal Instagrams. TLM will now always go first before M in my “you can find me” part of a post***


Much love to you all,




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