angie fav

Round four of Art-spiration has well and truly arrived! Sorry for the lack of any other post apart from the weekly ones! After this post, a “How to” will be sliding its way into my blog timeline. Wanna find out on what? You gotta stay tuned for later tonight! Now back on course, this artist is one of my inspirations and continues to expand it when she posts. On Instagram she has love from 192k fans. Got the idea of who she is? It’s non other than angiensca!

What I love Most About Angiensca’s Art

Her cartoon style! I’m in love with how much each character in her work is so expressive! I currently am in absolute love with her character development pieces that she occasionally posts, especially about her own character Kimi. I think my favourite works of hers at the moment would have to be the fan art of Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir and her anatomical works! Amazing content is what this girl has.

When I Discovered Angiensca

This would’ve been back in good ol’ 2016 in late-ish September maybe even early October when I found some fan art of the previously mentioned tv show, Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir. This is where my cartoon side of people drawing tried to take off through the inspiration of these works! Alas drawing people just doesn’t seem to work for me but seeing her character development all the same inspires me to no end.

Top 5 Recent Works

Doing what she does best, Angiensca’s latest posts feature some of her anatomical works as well as character development and fan art of the previously mentioned tv show! While I’m still testing out the pool of colours through watercolour, Angiensca’s confidence over the mediums of graphite, coloured pencil, textas, paint and digital colouring are all done in confidence and precision! She seems to cease to amaze me with her broad range of skills and abilities – is there another word for love that equals in strength?

My All Time Favourite Work of Angiensca

Lastly this piece has been a favourite of mine since she posted it and I’m not sure much could sway it but I think it could be overthrown any day at the rate of her skills progressing! This particular piece wasn’t any fan art or commission or character development. It was a personalΒ  piece that she dedicated to her partner of 4 years and her simple explanation was she had no recent photos so she decided to draw one titled “4 Anos” Anos being the Portugal work for years. How sweet and romantic is that!

angie fav

Hot or Not?

Once again it’s back over to you guys! This time only a little link at the top, and one more here. Go check her out and chuck her a follow in the meantime on Instagram! Okay so this is a HOT for me, not 100% yet because I believe the best is yet to come. What about you guys? Let me know down below!


Again sorry for the lack of content these past few weeks but I hope to turn that around very soon! This concludes another post of Art-spiration and just in the nick of time as I’ll need to post this in about 45 seconds to stay on schedule and to stay to my promise! Have a lovely morning, afternoon or evening!

Wanna stay in contact or silently follow each other? Find me here ( blog Instagram) and here (my personal).


Much love to you all,





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