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Back at it with the watercolour, which truthfully I can’t get enough of – ever and with something a little different as the focus subject of the piece – landscapes! So this week’s artist is another watercolour enthusiast almost on par talent and favourite wise, with the earlier mentioned Jongkie, who you can find again here on his Instagram page. Now back to this artist, he’s a painter, decorator and Interior designer. So quite a talented guy, talented Turkish guy in fact with 26.6k other people who love his work. So who is he? Adempotas!

What I love Most About Adempotas’s Art

Clearly the amount of detail jam packed into each of his landscape pieces! I can’t get over it and the colours are absolutely vivid and gorgeous. I’m currently in the watercolour hype, maybe almost too obsessively but yikes it’s nowhere near this skilful or picturesque! I’m a cool colour palette kind of girl and love working with those most but surprisingly my favourite works so far would have to be the warm coloured pieces! Just stunning and ever so inspirational.

When I Discovered Adempotas

Truthfully in the last 8 or so months but not officially following his Instagram account til just a few days ago. I found him under the #watercolourart hashtag in the search part of Instagram. Normally because with my recent obsession with canvases, I need the little extra boost of inspiration to get me through enough for paint to meet canvas. I was deeply fascinated by the detail of the pieces I found and would try to replicate that through my own watercolour pieces (though not as of yet successfully). Now that I am officially following his account, I am bound to find more sources of inspiration very soon.

Top 5 Recent Works

His recent works are very admirable to say in the least. There’s three completed landscapes featuring the ocean, a massive tree and a field with mountain ranges and clouds in the distance in heavenly detail and vividness. They just kinda pop right in front of your eyes mesmerizingly. A sneaky little progression photo of the massive tree piece is there too and that by itself is stunning! Even a selfie of the brilliant artist himself is included!

My All Time Favourite Work of Adempotas

It’s a Poppy. So far I don’t think much will sway it but this is my favourite. It’s very attention grabbing with the stark colour difference between the background and the flowerΒ  itself which I think is absolutely beautiful just in that. Obviously I could go on and on and on about each little nick-picky bit I love about just this one piece but you’d be scrolling forever to reach the bottom of the page, let alone the actual post. So I’ll save you the trouble and zip my lips. Well figuratively, of course.

adem fav

Hot or Not?

Okay, yeah nah I won’t even elaborate about how amazingly awesome this artist is with all of his gorgeous landscapes. It’s gonna be obvious. It should be anyway. HOOOOOOOOOT absolutely 100% HOT HOT HOT. Major Inspiration can be found right here and a sneaky one for Jongkie again here to get you crazy for watercolour! What about you guys? Decide and let me know!

I’m actually thinking of doing a “Best of” kinda thing with these posts in the near future with mediums. Might be a thing I can hold on Instagram for you guys to comment who your best artists are in a certain medium to feature here at some point? Sounds like an idea worth pursuingΒ  maybe I’ll think it over in the next few days. Anyways, Have a lovely morning, afternoon or evening!


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Much love to you all,






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