It’s currently 10am and I am waken up by the sheer ferocity of the rain pelting my roof as if into submission. It sure sounds like it but yet I stay in my comfortable and very warm bed trying to grasp the dream I just had. It was about horse riding which I haven’t done in months and miss quite a lot. Welcome to my thoughts of a very rainy day.

~ 11am ~

I finally haul myself out of bed and start the day, late. I think about all the things I have to do and want to accomplish by the end of the day. And once that’s sorted out? I daydream. A lot. Particularly about what alternate universes I could insert myself into and what I could become in them. Would I be worse off? Better off? Grown up? Have superhuman abilities? Could I be apart of famous movie universes? Marvel or DC Comics? Disney even? I would want my name to be Artemis Hale, that’s for sure. I would love to change my entire appearance, have a go at being someone different if it was possible to have alternate universes and insert myself into them.

~ 12.17pm ~

I’ve had my morning shower which I fantasised even more so then needed, had a quick breakfast and checked most of my social media accounts. The rain has been on and off at this stage and as I walk outside, bundled in my warm onsie and rain jacket, it is pouring down in torrential rain once again. As I do my routine, outside jobs I begin to relay the song stuck in my head for what feels like the millionth time. The theme song to Round the Twist – I bet a wave of nostalgia is hitting the Aussies reading this.

~ 1.42pm ~

I spend longer than what is necessary relaying the theme song in my mind before thinking about the rain. It’s a light drizzle now and the succulents that I’ve been slowly collecting are shining and glinting in the little sun that’s peaked through the grey clouds. They’re beautiful in the slight golden rays laying on them. I move them back under cover so they do not rot quickly as the rain and wind picks up yet again. It wasn’t a day to stay out long in, especially in 10 degree winter weather.


~ 1.48pm ~

I hang my coat back up and think some more, less daydreamy and more responsible with what else I must get done or at least start. I open my laptop in the lounge room and write my to do list for the rest of the holidays and write a paragraph on my English assignment. A novel study on Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey. I close my laptop abruptly though once it’s flat. So I quickly plug it in and then think of what kind of coffee I want today, hold or cold with my leftover pizza for lunch. I opted for cold. I let myself to stop overthinking everything I need to do and tune into one of my favourite shows on telli, with my coffee and lunch in hand.

~ 3.25pm ~

I finally turn myself back on and go back to my routine jobs, now the inside ones. I sit down with an orange juice this time round and think about what kind of things I should do next for the blog, my art that kind of thing. I went through many ideas in my head and jotted some done on my laptop, letting my fingers fly over the keys quick to not miss a word of my thoughts. I put a few more ideas and paragraphs down for my always in the works narratives as well. Then with most of my creative thoughts for that written I turn back to my assignment and blog posts (including scheduling).

~ 10.20pm ~Β 

I wrap up my work block of a few hours and this blog post. Different yea it is but not too exciting looking into my thought process today, I know sorry. I could have elaborated on my thoughts but well you’d be sitting here reading until the end of time. Can’t say that be too exciting for you there! So here is the post I promised today! This one scratched off the list and now onto the next one! What will it be? Tune into my Instagram and my story (on Instagram) to find out! Have a lovely morning, afternoon or evening!


Wanna stay in contact or silently follow each other? Find me here (blog Instagram) or here (my personal).


Much love to you all,







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