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Art-spiration has hit the 2 month milestone!!! It seems such an eon ago but here we are, 8 posts later and 8 different artists later! Now enough of patting myself on the back and back to business. The eighth artist of the week is quite into sketching hyperrealism, beautiful, vivid characters from his project ‘Swordplay” and various commissions feature on his Instagram and with 35k followers. So who is behind the mastery of detailing and hyperrealism? The talented Vonnart!

What I love Most About Vonnart’s Art

Of course the hyperrealism. It’s mesmerising to stare at and the colours just blend seamlessly. I’m not the best art critic around and not a professional one either but I can’t fault any of these works. Not a singular one. I am particularly fond of his “Swordplay” character pieces, they’re so unique and wonderful so much so, I could ramble on and on about it!

When I Discovered Vonnart

That’s a toughie. I can’t say it with crystal clear clarity, but I’m fairly certain it was back in the days of the old Instagram but updated from when I found _Picolo. So I’ve stayed for quite a while, admiring each new post that comes out. Can say he inspires me so greatly, but unfortunately not to an extent (even with any other artist) where I’d try my hand at this art form. I DO NOT have the patience for this funnily enough. However, his sketches do breathe a little life into my detailed art side and it’s always refreshing to see another after another pop up in my newsfeed!

Top 5 Recent Works

Like I mentioned before, his works have consistently been about his “Swordplay” project and even showcasing another artist’s version of one of those characters, Ni_nig! Whom I also follow and you can find here. Both that showcasing (which is the 3rd photo, the one directly underneath the top woman sketch) and the digital drawing of the skull actually have a few photos after them (so you swipe left to see on Instagram) on his Instagram page. So go check them out here!


My All Time Favourite Work of Vonnart

Oh my another tie. I just can’t be decisive about my favourites I reckon. So the first sketch is the character “Red” from “Swordplay” and I just gotta say she looks as bloody awesome as her description from Vonnart! The second is the character “Chase” also from, you guessed it, “Swordplay” who looks not only the part but as humble as an air nomad or even air bender in the Avatar universe – if he was apart of it that is. He’s the dreamer of the characters and honestly I relate to both of these guys so much.


Hot or Not?

Ok I’m going to be captain obvious here again but, hello you’ve been reading this and know what I’m about to say. HOT HOT HOTTY McHot HOT. 100% NO DOUBTS. Like I said, I can’t fault the guy’s creativity or talent and needless to say, I don’t think I’d ever want to with what my eyes are seeing right now. Ok now it’s to you guys, what do you think? Oh and while I’m feverously typing this, here are some sneaky links to the other artists I mentioned in this post. So check out Picolo_Β  here andΒ  Ni_nig here and Vonnart again here! Enjoy the inspiration burst you’re about to get!


Whelp. I’m now back at school and already drowning in homework. At the moment I just really want to take a 1,000 year nap and wake up to a better world but hey. Daydreaming impossibilities won’t get my homework done! Oh and now I’m doing research project a year early (technically a semester early) and it’s already bugging me. Hopefully I can get my question sorted out soon since our school is 3 weeks behind the rest of the state for Research Project! Wish me luck. Have a lovely morning, afternoon or evening!


Wanna stay in contact or silently follow each other? Find me here (blog Instagram) and here (my personal).


Much love to you all,




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