Hey there you random person who happened to stumble onto my blog! Welcome to my personal blog, The Little Meilenium!

This is a blog for anyone and everyone and me of course. This is a space that will hold all of my ever changing emotions, ideas, “moments”, dreams, passions, adventures and more all to share and experience with you.

So who am I?

A question I ask myself a lot too so you won’t be alone in that boat! Do not mind me reusing my caption from my Instagram and my shared art blogging account Capriusart with Alexandrina. It’s a nice, lazy way of introducing yourself in a relatively short amount of words. Yea, I’m that kind of person!


So my name’s Gian and I’m the 17 year old Taurus of The Little Meilenium ♉️♉️ and the one behind Capriusart, from South Aussie. I often express myself in various ways and one definitive way is through my love of art. One thing’s for sure is that I’m one headstrong and stubborn person and that clearly shows one outward way of my zodiac sign. My personality is humble and gentle which is an oddity of a Taurus, but I sure as hell make up for it in my stubbornness, I assure you. I love my astrology and am the kind of person who loves a bit of everything, an eclectic kind of taste. I’m so excited to be here sharing my art journey and many other journeys with you all and can’t wait to see what unfolds!

P.S All photos, unless specified, are taken by me. The banner is not mine!

Much love to you all,