Busy Bee Memories

Memories are one of the most bountiful things in life. They can be special by themselves and extraordinary when shared. This memory in particular, was one of the few good ones in Feb of 2016, and it was lovingly shared with one of my best friends, (find her Instagram here!) Tayla Forbes. As required at … Continue reading Busy Bee Memories


Formal 2017!

On the 19th of May, I got to attend my year 12 Boyfriend's Formal in Glenelg at the Stamford Hotel,Β  Adelaide City. Shared between our school and two others! Everyone was absolutely gorgeous and handsome and it was such a great night. Let's start at the beginning! So first off I went to a lady … Continue reading Formal 2017!

A Swim & A Trip

Today was a whirlwind. While the first half was more on the "family outing" side of the spectrum, the second half not so much but fun all the same. And, deviating from the post subject a little - the blog has changed! Well layout I suppose and I even dedicated a quote to it. I … Continue reading A Swim & A Trip