Downcast 10%: Thoughts of a Rainy Day

It's currently 10am and I am waken up by the sheer ferocity of the rain pelting my roof as if into submission. It sure sounds like it but yet I stay in my comfortable and very warm bed trying to grasp the dream I just had. It was about horse riding which I haven't done … Continue reading Downcast 10%: Thoughts of a Rainy Day


Art-spiration #3

Round three of the weekly posts of Art-spiration has arrived! This week's artist is probably one of the most unique and beautiful artists that I've come to discover specialising in the medium, watercolour. Fairly large fan base onย Instagram - 322k.ย Can you guess who the master is behind the masterpiece? That's correctamondo, it's Jongkie! What I … Continue reading Art-spiration #3

Blog Expansion to Instagram

The Little Meilenium officially has a Instagram blog account! I decided it was time to reach out to you guys more and become more involved with you! So I now present to you the.little.meilenium Instagram where you'll find blog updates, Q & A's that will feature later on the blog, behind the scenes and much … Continue reading Blog Expansion to Instagram

Meet & Greet: Alexandrina

Meet Alexandrina. A 16 year old Capricorn with the deepest passions for art, photography, writing and playing and umpiring netball. So I have talked quite a bit about this girl in some previous posts, being a main source of inspiration and a greatย best friendย to talk and listen to - especially when she lights up talking … Continue reading Meet & Greet: Alexandrina