Art-spiration #8

Art-spiration has hit the 2 month milestone!!! It seems such an eon ago but here we are, 8 posts later and 8 different artists later! Now enough of patting myself on the back and back to business. The eighth artist of the week is quite into sketching hyperrealism, beautiful, vivid characters from his project 'Swordplay" … Continue reading Art-spiration #8


Art-spiration #7

Back at it with the watercolour, which truthfully I can't get enough of - ever and with something a little different as the focus subject of the piece - landscapes! So this week's artist is another watercolour enthusiast almost on par talent and favourite wise, with the earlier mentioned Jongkie, who you can find again … Continue reading Art-spiration #7

Art-spiration #6

A very late addition of Art-spiration to Tuesday's normal schedule, many things came up both good and bad which unfortunately meant this post got put to side further and further and I apologise for that.Β  So back on track, this week's artist has a style I can only describe as a really cool, poster-that-I-want-plastered-everywhere kind … Continue reading Art-spiration #6

Art-spiration #5

And so a month of Art-spiration has gone by as we enter the 5th round of the weekly additions of inspiring artists! This week displays prismacolour pencils, a medium used to perfection by an artist that seems to have unlimited amounts of pure, vivid creativity! Who is she? Currently a official Art Ambassador for Prismacolour … Continue reading Art-spiration #5